Learn SQL (MySQL)

The essentials for learning MySQL:

MySQL is a free relational database, that you communicate with using SQL code. Once you understand MySQLyou can use it to store content for your website, and access it directly from PHP.

  1. Before You Begin: Most of our tutorials cover two ways of doing things. One is by using the SQL code directly either through a shell prompt or though some sort of a query window (if your MySQL management program has one.) The other is by using phpMyAdmin. It is the most popular MySQL management program, and almost all web hosts have it pre-installed for you to use… contact your host to find out where you can access it. Before you begin, be sure you know your MySQL login.
  2. Create A Database: The first thing you need to do is create a database. Once that is done, you can start adding information.
  3. Creating Tables: Within the database, you can have many tables, and each table is like a big grid with information held in each of the boxes on the grid. You will need to create at least one table to hold data within your database.
  4. The Data: Data within a table can be managed in many ways. This tutorial shows you how to add, edit, delete, and search the information in your database.
  5. Get Relational: The great thing about MySQL is that it is a relationaldatabase. This means the data from one of your tables, can be used in conjunction with data on another table. We call this a Join, and you can learn how to do it in our MySQL Joins tutorial.
  6. Working from PHP: Once you get the hang of using the SQL to work with your database, you can use SQL from PHP files on your website. This allows your website to store all its content in your database and access it dynamically as needed by each page or each visitors request.

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